A+ Paralegals, Inc. - Affordable Document Preparation
     We type forms for the below listed services, our fees are reasonable and our typing service is effecient and reliable.
  • Divorces
  • Wills-Trusts
  • Answers to Complaints
  • Pre-Nuptial Agreements  
  • Child Support Modifications                                    
  • Grant Deed-Homestead-Quit Claim Deed           
  • Contracts                                                            
  • Buy-Sell Agreements                                           
  • Partnership Agreements                                     
  • Letters                                                                  
  • Power of Attorney                                                 
  • Power of Attorney for Health care                         
  • Notary Services                                                  
  • Process Service                                                
  • Courier Services                                               
  • Hourly Rate  
  • Incorporating & Registered Agent Services (Fountainhead)
  • Legal Video Services (Nevada Legal Video) 
  • Eviction & Civil Process Service (Nevada Court Services)                                                   
legal documents                                            
All fees are based on standard forms expected to be drafted for each legal situation.
If there are additional forms or an extraordinary amount of time spent with customers, there will be additional fees added to total.  However, you will be informed prior to billing.